Thompson Square Involved In Bus Accident

They’re Okay!

The trend of tour bus misfortune continues in Country.  Think about how many artists over the last couple years have either had their bus catch fire, break down, or get into an accident.  Well, add one more to the list.

Thompson Square were returning home from a show in Pembroke Pines, Fla. on Monday morning when their tour bus was blindsided just 20 minutes from home.

The married duo shared the news and pictures on Twitter and Facebook. According to one tweet, the accident occurred around 5:30AM. “A woman just didnt (sic) see us early this morning and hit us as we crossed the highway,” a tweet which has since been removed read. “It was pretty foggy.”

It’s not clear who besides Keifer and Shawna Thompson were aboard the bus at the time…or whether anyone was hurt.  At least they have some time to get their bus fixed.  They’re not on the road again until February 7th.

TIDBIT: Look for their new album in stores March 26th.