Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break…Here To Party”

Here To  Party!

Here To Party!

Luke Bryan is changing things up when it comes to releasing his annual Spring Break digital EP! This year, the singer will give fans a full-length physical album – Spring Break…Here To Party. Luke will keep the party theme going, with classic hits such as “Suntan City,” and new tracks like “Just A Sip.” He’s also keeping his annual tradition alive, and will head to Panama City, Florida, for a couple shows to support the album. That time of year always reminds Luke of his own spring break memories. “You know my spring breaks in high school – we would hide beer in the woods. We hid it under an old oak stump or something and roll out of there and load up a toolbox full of some skunky beer after it had been sitting out in the woods for a month. But, one of my buddies – I’ll leave the names out of it – he got us banned from all of Thomas Drive in Panama City. He threw a couple TVs out of the hotel room.” Luke is currently out on the road with his Dirt Road Diaries Tour, with his next show in Uniondale, New York, on February 7th. Spring Break…Here To Party will be available to fans on March 5th.

 Spring Break…Here To Party Track Listing

1. “Suntan City”
2. “Just A Sip”
3. “Buzzkill”
4. “If You Ain’t Here To Party”
5. “Little Bit Later On”
6. “In Love With The Girl”
7. “Shore Thing”
8. “Sorority Girl”
9. “Shake The Sand”
10. “Love In A College Town”
11. “Wild Weekend”
12. “Cold Beer Drinker”
13. “Spring Break-Up”
14. “Take My Drunk A** Home”