Easter Candy vs. Halloween Candy

EasterCandyHalloweenCandyDo you Peep?  Or do you Candy Corn?  That is today’s question…

It’s a debate that I’ve never heard done before, and I think it deserves some deliberation.  There’s nothing saying you can’t have unabashed adoration for both kinds, but I think we need to decide which one we love more, don’t you?

On one hand, you’ve got the Peep.  It is an exclusively Easter candy.  Sure, they sell pumpkin Peeps, but when you think Peep, you think Easter.  Now, I recognize that not everybody loves the Peep, so perhaps it’s not the best example.  Perhaps the chocolate bunny has more wide-appeal.  It’s a fantastic piece of candy.  And I’m sure you’ll disagree with this as well, but I prefer mine hollow.  The chocolate-flavored air inside is the best part!

However, on the other hand, you have candy corn, the pre-eminent Halloween treat.  They feel like they’re made out of wax, but by damn, if you find that candle, I will burn/eat the whole thing.  LOVE candy corn.

So what do you think?