Openly Gay Player In The NBA? Awesome.

JasonCollinsFor the record, I’ve had SEVERAL listeners think that I’m gay.  And I perfectly understand why!  I’m very open about my inability to do anything masculine (change oil, drink microbrews), I watch The Bachelor, I have good hair, and if I think  a dude is good-lookin’, I’ll say so.  But I’m straight.  At least twice as straight as most guys* (*citation needed).

So it’s having said this that I applaud NBA player Jason Collins for coming out of the closet in an environment where it’s much more dangerous to do so than even being a country music DJ.  The NBA is haunted by truly macho men, and no matter what anybody says, this guy is taking a risk by coming out.  It WILL hurt his career, but hopefully, his bravery will set an example for those who are forced to live a lie in the rest of the league, and the rest of humanity.

Bravo, Mr. Collins.  In a truly hetero sense of the phrase, “I got your back.”  =)