Over The Edge

OverTheEdge2013-DescendingCan you see me?  I’m riiiiiiiiiiight there.  Does that harness make my butt look big?

Over The Edge is a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts of America, and this is the second year that it’s been in Portland.  I was all signed up to do it last year (I jumped all over the opportunity), but I broke my knee that week, so I had to pass.  For an entire year, I’ve been Jonesing to do it, and I got the opportunity!

If I had a craft a word to describe it, I’d say it was Thrillxhausting (Thrilling + Exhausting).  You are controlling your descent by pulling a little lever, and holding rope in the other hand.  So about 3/4 the way through it, I was SPENT.

BUT, I did take the opportunity to spin around and soak in the moment.  I realize that most folks don’t get to do the stuff that I get to do, so I try not to take it for granted.  And WHOO!  What a view.  DAMN, what a view.

www.overtheedgeusa.com if you’re interested in doing it yourself!  Still spots available!