Keith Urban Idol Chatter, Episode 1


A LOT of things happen on American Idol each week, so Keith Urban wants to take you behind the scenes to see some of the things that happen that don’t make it to the air.  Keep checking back for more updates with Keith!

Joe Don Is Pregnant! Or is he?


First off, let me say…  if you announce you’re having a baby, DO NOT DO IT ON APRIL FOOLS DAY!  I will absolutely not believe any piece of news that happens this day, because I don’t think anybody is above trying to get the best of somebody else on this day. That said, if this… [Continue Reading]

Jake’s 2014 Resolutions


OK, so 2013 was just a big ball of crap for me.  The only highlight of the year was being joined by my new team, Howie & Monica.  For that I’m VERY thankful, because I think the world of these two.  But everything else was sincerely not awesome.  At the beginning of that year that… [Continue Reading]



Let’s be honest; the only time that radio DJs are EVER a hero in their community is when we tell your kids that they have no school, and that only makes us heroes to your kids!  But nonetheless, there’s some closures today.  Here’s the list!  

Darryl Worley – What A Guy


OK, you’re right, I’d probably say that about any artist that I meet, just to be nice.  But I can’t be more sincere when I say I was blown away by the actions of Darryl Worley and his support of Homes With Heroes this weekend at the Night Of The Patriot. It’s easy for an… [Continue Reading]

Cray Good Country


About half of the strangers you meet will describe themselves as fans of “old country.”  When they say old country, they’re talking about Waylon, Willie, Hank, & Merle.  Some folks say country is in a rut…  that it’s too pop.  These folks will throw names like Garth, Alan, George, & Reba. But hear me this…. … [Continue Reading]

Over The Edge


Can you see me?  I’m riiiiiiiiiiight there.  Does that harness make my butt look big? Over The Edge is a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts of America, and this is the second year that it’s been in Portland.  I was all signed up to do it last year (I jumped all over the opportunity), but… [Continue Reading]

Florida/Georgia Line Concert Announcement


Florida/Georgia Line is an unstoppable force in country music right now, which means NOTHING will stop them from making their way to the Northwest! Bringing along Colt Ford, Tyler Farr, & Dallas Smith, Brian & Tyler will be playing Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene on December 13th, and December 14th in Kent, WA.   Ticket… [Continue Reading]

Vigilante Justice Is Legal!


This is possibly the best news I have maybe EVER heard.  Did you know that Oregon is the only state in America that allows its citizens – and not just its cops – to write citations for traffic violations? I think this is completely awesome.  I’m a very calm, collected, reasonable, loving person…  until I… [Continue Reading]

Love & Theft Becoming A Little Less Available


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You just never know what kind of woman is able to settle down a handsome, talented man like Stephen Barker Liles from Love & Theft, but eventually, you figure it out. Stephen proposed to his girlfriend on the beach in Florida last night on the beach, in a wonderfully romantic way.  Read all about… [Continue Reading]