Jewel & Ty Murray Are Breaking Up… Wonderfully


This is simply the most elegant divorce I’ve ever seen.  When you hear about somebody’s divorce, you always wonder if it’s actually a good thing or a bad thing.  For once, I’m positive this is a good thing.  ~Jake (CNN) – The latest celebrity breakup is a surprising one: Folk singer Jewel and her husband Ty… [Continue Reading]

Diamond Rio Hair – Was It Ever Hot?


In our office, we usually have country music videos playing on the TV that sits outside the studio.  It usually helps us keep track of what artists look like when it’s been a few months since we’ve seen them.  Today, GAC was playing an older video from Diamond Rio, and as much as I love… [Continue Reading]

Friends & Neighbors Tour 2014


The Friends & Neighbors Tour is back, and this year, we’re giving back to those who serve!

Florida Georgia Line to team up with a rapper… again?


Let’s be up front about this…  I’m all for it.  Country & Hip Hop have some wonderful things to offer each other.  Take the grooves of hip hop and put them under the real people stories of country music?  There’s a huge opportunity for killer songs there.  However, you have to make sure they don’t… [Continue Reading]

Keith Urban Idol Chatter, Episode 5


You know the names of the judges, and you know the names of your favorite competitors on American Idol, current and from year’s past…  but nobody highlights some of the most talented people on American Idol…  the background band!  Keith Urban does just that in this week’s edition of Idol Chatter.

Keith Urban Idol Chatter, Episode 4


I had no idea how tense things could get behind the scenes of American Idol.  For instance, in this video, it shows Keith Urban being YELLED at by Randy Jackson for something little!  Check out Randy Jackson getting caught in a rare moment of anger on this week’s Idol Chatter above!

Fashion Baffles Me


I swear, I’m completely dumbfounded when dealing with fashion.  I don’t understand what other people see, and I can’t see what makes this shirt different from that shirt.  And if you look at this picture, why is it suddenly totally normal for nobody to be wearing socks.  Not too many years ago, not wearing socks… [Continue Reading]

Keith Urban Idol Chatter, Episode 3


Who knew that Harry Connick, Jr. required such video processing for his appearances on Idol.  You may have thought that he was a handsome Dude.  Not so.  Everything you see is all done in post-production.  Watch this week’s video above!



Seriously, the man is unbelievable.  LaMarcus Aldridge has been putting up Michael Jordan numbers (seriously, statistically, Michael Jordan numbers) in the first series of these playoffs, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch!  He was absolutely unbeatable from wherever he decided to toss up a shot, and everybody on the team knew that their role… [Continue Reading]

Keith Urban Idol Chatter, Episode 2


I personally had no idea that Ryan Seacrest was an accomplished bass player!  If you have a couple minutes, check out this video of Keith Urban spying on Seacrest backstage at American Idol, and basically asking him to join him on stage at a future concert and back him up!