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The Northwest’s Longest List of Winners

Professional Bull Riders tickets:
Daniel Farrar from Beaverton
Shane Kemprowski from Sandy
Michelle King from Gresham
Andrea Kistler from Scappoose
Tracey Oberacker from Hubbard
Dennis Schub from Beaverton
Elizabeth Walker from Gaston
Mary Wirtjes from Gresham

Sugarland tickets:
Carsyn Altenhofen from St. Helens
Suzy Brewster from Brightwood
Barbara Hoffer from Portland
Sharry McConville from Dundee
Lindsey Muehleck from Sherwood
Tina Schimpf from Canby
Rayelynn Thomson from Vancouver
Timothy Wooldridge from Vancouver

Kaye Sanders from Woodland

Stagecoach tickets:
Rochelle Frence from Gresham
Phillip Peerson from Vernonia

Grammy Flyaway:
Heather Stickley from Portland

Zac Brown Band tickets:
Allison Proctor from Portland

Daily Cash Contest winners:
Dale Branning
Jeremy Renfro
Jason Tucker
Hannah Spurr
Mike Miller
Dana Demientieff
Brenda Surinak
Monte Kunkle
Casey Haddox
Jeff Foster
Rima Saba
Susan Bible
Cheri Coe
Ryan Mitchem
Tami Collins
Roger Brown
Kathy Swords
Jerry Coday
Ashley Barron

$30,000 winner:
Christine Navarette

Oregon Jamboree tickets:
Barbara Hoffer from Portland
Brandie Millar from Yamhill
Britney Molder from West Linn
Nicholas Mulder from West Linn
Michelle Tumbaga from Vancouver
Jamie Wisner from Portland
Madeline Hulett from Silverton
Meghan Rhiner from Portland
Jordan Rhodes from Bend
Hannah Rosenbohm from Newberg
Jason Warren from Portland
Dee Wise from Portland
Leonard Ables from Portland
Mike Bohm from Oregon City
Don Buck from Albany
Valorie Harris from Sweet Home
Barbara Hoffer from Portland
Eric Hoffer from Portland
Jeremy Howard from Vancouver
Barbara Hylton from Stevenson
Kirsten Johnson from Eagle Creek
Ginger Martinez from Camas
Rozanne Monson from Aloha
Lindsey Muehleck from Sherwood
Marcy Murdock from Salem
Jamie Wisner from Portland

Chris Stapleton tickets:
Michelle Anderson from Damascus
Michelle Aspon from Vancouver
Kayla Hull from Vancouer
Kayla Oxley from Hillsboro
Julie Harris from Damascus

Keith Urban tickets:
Helen Parker from Portland
Tiffany Gamboa from Sandy
Eric Hoffer from Portland
Nicole Le from Salem
Chelsea Messner from Battle Ground

Disneyland Flyaway:
Emily Duyck from Hillsboro
Stefany Lawrence from Newberg

Tortuga Flyaway:
Whitney Owen from from Hillsboro

Luke Bryan tickets:
Amber Hamilton from Portland

Luke Bryan 4th row tickets:
Maura Harris from Portland

Luke Bryan 3rd row tickets:
James Pitman from Portland

Luke Bryan 2nd row tickets:
Denice Nelson from Gresham

Luke Bryan 1st row tickets:
Renee Noble from Boring

Taylor Swift tickets:
Catalina Flesey from Portland
Joshua Gascon from Portland
Diane Goringe from Aloha
Eric Hoffer from Portland
Ryan Moeller from Sherwood

Countryfest tickets:
Crystal Marcelo from Vancouver
Shantel Ashley from Gresham
Daniel Brokaw from Lebanon
Tracy Ell from Newberg
Nicole Grove from Tualatin
Brenda Holub from Dilley
Barbara Hylton from Stevenson
Trisha Jenkins from Damascus
Ashley Melton from McMinnville
Kollin Robbins from Beaverton
Charlotte Rose from Beaverton
Michelle Schultz from Washougal
Rayelynn Thomson from Vancouver

Stagecoach Flyaway:
Katrina Bergeson from Vancouver

80 Grand Refund Plan $1,000 winners:
Brenda Neal
Shenul Manning
Sky Intlekofer
Jessica Ball
Donna Blohn
Mike Arwine
Larissa Griesmeyer
Lisa Doty
Mike Tarbet
Natalie Durkin
Rebecca Davidson
Bobby Schaney
Jim Emmerson
Wesley Cross
Carol Meyer
Sapna Khaturia
Joel Linduska
Debbie Broe
Kelsey Gentry
Stan Herzog
Todd Fairchild
Kelly Heyde
Martha Euwan
Buford Mills
Robert Weller
Justine Jennings
Danielle Dennis
Jasmond Robertson
April Lamb
Julie Veith
Nathaniel Mitchell
Sherri Waters
Bunky Krier
Lakesha Myrick
Cynthia Palmer
Marlys Spence
Marcie Burris
Mark McClarty
Joseph Higgins
Jessica Kirkpatrick

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