The Northwest’s Longest List of Winners

Country Jam USA Flyaway: Tiffanie Epperson from Molalla

California Mid-State Fair Flyaway: Kellee Bleth from Camas

Brad Paisley tickets:
Keirstan Aldrich from Albany
Katy Barker from Tualatin
Mike Bohm from Portland
William Brow from Fairview
Leslie Brown from Battle Ground
Anthony Cook from Salem
William Crooks from Canby
Kylie Day from Portland
Rebeca Dickson from Washougal
Ali Giles from Boring
Alisha Glidden from Vancouver
Greg Hahn from Tigard
Matthew Hill from Sublimity
Barbara Hoffer from Portland
Jennifer Layman from Molalla
Rebecca Millner from Gresham
Mike Mitchell from Salem
Brenda Morris from Welches
Tony Saville from Albany
Alissa Scheller from Vancouver
Michelle Schultz from Washougal
Sonya Whitledge from Vancouver
Rachel Wilson from Camas
Alicia Wilushewski from Vancouver
Janis Wright from Vancouver
Shantel Ashley from Gresham
Michelle Baker from Battle Ground
Julie Caster from McMinnville
Semira Clark from Eagle Creek
Jason Fender from Damascus
Lori Fuller from Estacada
Barbara Hylton from Stevenson
Gary Kohlhepp from Gresham
Christine Leeka from Sandy
Sam Higgli from Carlton
Lisa Pitts from Eagle Creek
Charles Rittman from Vancouver
Toddra Rowton from Longview
Ann Sigler from Oregon City
Kerry Smith from Hillsboro
Michelle Swanson from Sherwood
Mike Yohn from Sandy
Jessica Zwerle from Vancouver
Jessica Bierly from Gaston
Ashley Brill from Gresham
Cheryl Conklin from GResham
Melissa Dalisky from Salem
Crystal Fiederl from Sherwood
Eric Hoffer from Portland
Amanda Pickar from Tigard
Rayelynn Thomson from Vancouver
Kylie Day from Portland
Jessica Babauta from Gresham
Bryce Lewis from Canby
Valerie Bafford from Vancouver
Rhiannon Buma from Amboy
Kyla Perrin from Battle Ground
Alex Roth from Vancouver
Brooke Atchley from Vancouver
Chuck Brown from Portland
Hana Brown from Wilsonville
Laura Farmer from Portland
Thaddeaus Flock from Sandy
Brenda Holub from Dilley
Lisa Klein from Rainier
Ashley Mercer from Battle Ground
David Morgan from Kelso
Kathy Oliver from Portland
Ken Reynolds from Scio
John Vares from Vancouver

Brad Paisley 1st Row: Ashley Jones from Damascus

Brad Paisley 2nd Row: Amanda Starr-Morris from Independence

Brad Paisley 3rd Row: Kimberly Hellner from Vancouver

Brad Paisley 4th Row: Lynn Mechem from Woodland

Brad Paisley 5th Row: Kristi McFarland from St. Helens

Red Rocks Flyaway: Carrie Good from Hillsboro

Red, White and Boom Flyaway: Bonnie Boyer from Hillsboro

Basketball w/Brett Young: Zaya Brown from Clackamas

Route 91 Flyaway: Kevin Gray from Newberg

Lady Antebellum tickets:
Aurelio Andrade from Salem
Eric Brown from La Center
Cheryl Craft from Carlton
Molly Finke from Wilsonville
Debbie Garnes from St. Helens
Courtney Gipson from Yacolt
Bob Hansen from Fairview
Trinity Saldana from Vancouver
Casandra Simonsen from Vancouver
Christine Adams from Happy Valley
Michelle Faust from Wilsonville
Sarah Heer from Vancouver
Brenda Holub from Dilley
Melissa Pogue from Vancouver
Tim Steimer from Portland
Rayelynn Thomson from Vancouver
Beth Fishell from Salem
Angelyn Salyer from Tigard
Mary Wirtjes from Gresham
Jake Roediger from Hillsboro
Justin Buongiorno from Beaverton
Laloni Cretsinger from Woodland
Eric Hoffer from Portland
Margaret Horton from Portland
Sue Powell from Oregon City
Don Buck from Albany
Cameron Hueckman from Hines
Rieva Lester from Winlock
Kevin Miller from Portland
Kelsy Nordholm from Forest Grove
Suzanne Clem from Vancouver
Krista Sites from Salem
Jan Smith from West Linn
Michele Campbell from Portland
Jason Denton from Colton
Amy Eagon from Newberg
Kelsey Hansen from St. Helens
Amy Levasseur from Vancouver
Kathy Boyle from Battle Ground
Barbara Hylton from Stevenson
Brittany Marsh from St. Helens
Brandon Richardson from Woodburn
Trisha Rodriguez from Hillsboro
Paul Anderson from Ridgefield
Debbie Brokaw from Portland
Brandon Eckert from Oregon City
Eric Hoffer from Portland

Lady Antebellum 1st Row: Brenda Tinjum from Forest Grove

Lady Antebellum 2nd Row: Jessica Stevenson from Beaverton

Lady Antebellum 4th Row: Julie Passon from Canby

Lady Antebellum 5th Row: Judy Matthies from Brush Prairie

Dale Jr Flyaway: Genevie Guevara from Seal Rock

Jason Aldean w/Meet and Greets: Megan Chastain from Troutdale

Easton Corbin Overnight Stay: Rebecca Sana from Salem

Jason Aldean 1st Row: Morgan Lowry from Gresham

Jason Aldean 2nd Row: Lisa Miller from Carlton

Jason Aldean 3rd Row: Mike Bohm from Portland

Jason Aldean 4th Row: Jill Byrne from Vancouver

Jason Aldean 5th Row: Michelle Schultz from Washougal

Jason Aldean tickets:
Sherry Able from Portland
Selisa Alvarez from Portland
Steve Atherson from Vancouver
Riley Bass from Vancouver
Natalie Bergmann from Vancouver
Kathy Bowen from Kalama
Denelle Buck
Joanna Burn from Vancouver
Laloni Cretsinger from Woodland
Becky Curtis from Warren
Julie Davis from Salem
Brandon Durkee from Clackamas
Kara Hales from Gresham
Bob Hansen from Fairview
Sarah Heer from Vancouver
Denise Henningsgard from Vancouver
Casey Holliday from Independence
Brenda Holub from Dilley
Hannah Hutchinson from Vancouver
Tina LaPointe from Sandy
Chelsea Messner from Battle Ground
Bill Miller from Portland
Dawn Moon from Woodland
Flora Olander from Ridgefield
Dwayne Sorensen from Molalla
Heather Thompson Portland
Ralelynn Thomson from Vancouver
Taylor Ballard from Beaverton
Amy Davis from Vancouver
Brian Davis from Vancouver
Jamie Lindsey from Keizer
Mollie Treece from Happy Valley
Mikala Zytniowski from Longview
Jan Smith from West Linn
Ashley Campbell from Vancouver
Barbara Hoffer from Portland
Ron Maldonado from Vernonia
Gerel Mauser from Newberg
Erica Sanchez from Portland

Kane Brown @ PDX Live Studio tickets:
Cambria Kangas
Nicole Smith
Miranda Phillips
Kierstan Cormican
Sophie Smith
Sheri Turner
Justin Roney
Jason Kimsey
Sierra Smith
Maria Holyk
Erica Neubauer
Caleb Johnson
Anna Wheaton
Melissa Glogosh
Alicia Hoffman
Amber Hemann
Michelle Best
Sidney Franco
Kori Strode
Sophie Horton
Lindsey Leveque
Morgan Hathaway
Andrea Avalos
Rachel Kimsey
William Rogers
Chris Wheatley
Lisa Sellers
Alexzandra Engberg
Krystyn Patterson
Jessica Aguilera
Natalie Bergmann
Rachel Sulit
Kathryn Noffsinger
Robin Clarke
Stephanie Hamilton
Shauna Lokken
Kimberly Geisler

Garth Brooks: Scott Bernard from Sandy

Lee Brice @ PDX Live Studio tickets:
Florence Woods
Brandy Case
Vincent Taylor
Stephanie Little
Jordan Josh
Kaitliynn Burbank
Greg Walters
James Strachan
Josh Vanderhoof
Chena Litzen
Morgan Fisher
Paula Betschart
Heather Tweed
Kevin Lewis
Stephanie Hill
Hannah Rosenbohm
Barbara Hylton
Shawna Conrady
Aaron Wilkinson
Christina Henri
Jillian Mowdy
Teresa Robles
Richard Holsinger
Kirsten Sylsberry
Chad Krause
Michele Arndorfer
Tiffany Gulliksen
Sherry Lance
Kaye Sanders
Jodi Ferguson
Nicole Smith
Michelle Schultz
Nola Falan

Florida Georgia Line tickets:
Christine Atherton from Portland
Samantha Berry from Washougal
Jacob Fletcher from Washougal
Charles Fortune from Welches
Jen Hamilton from Gresham
Amy Harris from Salem
Christine Jones from Vancouver
Tiel Kelther from Portland
Larry Klopt from Battle Ground
Nick Langley from Portland
Tim Lind from Battle Ground
Junior Miller from Ridgefield
Brenda Morris from Welches
Joshua Parr from Oregon City
Ryan Reeves from Kelso
Kristenna Robinson from Sherwood
Megan Shields from Vancouver
Rachel Stec from Beaverton
Alisha Treider from Beaverton
Cassidy Vaughan from Hillsboro
Amy Viehl from Sheridan
Jamie Wisner from Portland
Hayden Eickmeyer from Vancouver
Lori Greenlee from Sandy
Jill Pinder from Portland
Everett Price from Beaverton
William Brow from Fairview
Don Buck from Albany
Rachel Butler from Vancouver
Julie Frazier from Fairview
Jeny Infante from Cornelius
Robyn Scott from Salem
Heather Sitton from Albany
Rebecca Smythurst from Salem
Jessica Stevenson from Beaverton
Jessica Foley from Salem
Jan Smith from West Linn
Nathan Baxter McDonald from Portland
Bob Hansen from Fairview
Kristy Melville from Ridgefield
Amy Olear from Vancouver
Dennis Creevan from Vancouver
Cheryl Conklin from Gresham
Brenda Holub from Dilley
Charlotte Santos from Vancouver
Daniel Valko from Troutdale
Brandon Keitzman from Wilsonville

Florida Georgia Line 1st row: Kaiela Altom from Hillsboro

Florida Georgia Line 3rd row: Casandra Simonsen from Vancouver

Florida Georgia Line 4th row: Kayla Alexander Oxley from Hillsboro

Florida Georgia Line 5th row: Amy Newell from Newberg

Florida Georgia line tickets, pit passes and meet and greets: Mysty Riebhoff from Portland

Chris Lane @ PDX Live Studio tickets:
Lacei Nelson
Sheila Ferguson
Sarah Craddock
Sheena Leslie
Heather Holman
Hannah Rosenbohm
Trina Koplan
Jamie Smithline
Jason Liao
Katie Hurliman
Jessica Foley
Nick Schmick
Meghan Rhiner
Sherrie Finch
Melissa Gulley
Tara Milburn
Tierra Saxon
Brenda Johnson
Kathy Randall
Tim Wooldridge
Teri Ellis
Kayla Oxley
Jonathan Anderson
Christen Sewell
David Matheny
Thomas McFarland
Tabitha Rue
Brittany Perkse
Jolene Pugh
Niurka Diaz

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