Enjoy Those Wrinkles

As we all get older, there is one thing we can’t control and that is time, time is something that breaks us down, makes us stress and gives us wrinkles, which I admit I’m not happy about it, I refuse to grow up I want to play like I’m 18 till the day I die.  But let’s admit it we all have wrinkles and as we get older we see them increase, but don’t panic: Science has given us a new reason to appreciate fine lines and wrinkles. According to a small new study from Western University in Ontario, crinkling around the eyes makes smiles and frowns appear more sincere. The characteristic may even help us better connect with each other emotionally, researchers say.

The recent survey focused on characteristic caused by a specific facial muscle, which “raises the cheeks, narrows the eyes, and causes wrinkling around the corners of the eyes,” so as you gather a few more crows feet wrinkles around your eyes, chaulk it up to being happy and smiling.  That’s My Story and I’m sticking to it



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