“Love is more powerful than hate” – TriMet Transit Center Memorial

“Not all heroes wear capes,” “Love is more powerful than hate,” and “Love will outlast all things.” Those are just some of the words covering the walls as you walk towards the Transit Center in the Hollywood District of Northeast Portland. The community is still reeling from a tragedy as two men gave the ultimate sacrifice to help their fellow commuters, and fellow citizens, and shield them from a racially motivated attack.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, in a prepared statement, expressed gratitude for the actions of the heroes, remorse for the loss of life and dismay that these three men had to stand up to such a heinous action.
“On Friday, 3 men…stood up against bigotry and hatred. Two paid with their lives, and a third is seriously injured. Our community remains in shock and mourning. But, we are also tremendously grateful to our heroes, and their families, for their selflessness and their heroism. They will serve for many generations to come to inspire us to be loving and courageous people, and that is who we are meant to be.”

In their honor, 98-7 The Bull encourages you to spread love to the max with a random act of kindness today. Hate will not define us. Thank you, brave neighbors. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.