Jake’s Blog: Being Honest, Snapchat Is Pretty Cool

I know, the word “Snapchat” just couldn’t sound any more millenial-y.  But bear with me here…  it’s pretty cool.

From the first time I fired up that app (admittedly several months after its launch), I was really impressed with the moving filters that they put on there.  If you can recognize a face, then draw panda bear ears on it, and keep it up with no noticeable delay, that’s pretty technologically advanced.  I think they’re impressive.

And now, they’re getting even more advanced!  They can now read the terrain, and put 3D animations just floating in the world.  For a guy who thought Donkey Kong was an impressive piece of technology, this is pretty damn amazing.

So…  y’know…  check it out.  Even if you hate Snapchat or the idea of it, we all know the fastest way to kill a technology is for uncool people like us to start using it.  😉

~Jake from Tony, McKinzie, & Jake
98.7 The Bull


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