Pothole Pizza

If you are like me, then you try to avoid every freaking pothole that comes your way on our local surface streets to keep your car from ending up in the body shop asking for an alignment! Well,  I come with good news, you’ll be happy to know that Domino’s Pizza is here to help.

See if potholes are a major problem for you and your city? then ask Domino’s for help, yes the pizza company. The unlikely savior of potholes announced on Monday that they will start a “Paving for Pizza” program.  Domino’s customers will be able to nominate their city for pothole repairs at pavingforpizza.com and enter their zip code.  If selected, you’ll be notified and the city will get funding for the much-needed street repairs. So grab a pizza tonight online and while you’re at nominate your city today. Heads up City Of Vancouver!  I’m voting for YOU




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