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Your Favorite Restaurant May Be Closing

1 in 4 American Restaurants Won’t Return Post-COVID-19. The news comes from OpenTable CEO Steve Hafner after the reservation software business completed a survey. Around 20,000 American establishments participated in OpenTable’s study. Year-over-year, the company says there has been a 95 percent drop in walk-in diners and reservations. Throughout March and April 2020, ‘Bloomberg’ reports restaurants lost $80 billion. Last month, the National Restaurant Association adds that 5.5 million jobs were slashed.

During the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants have been hit the hardest of any industry. OpenTable says there are signs diners will return if restaurants open again in some capacity. Even if they have been given the go-ahead, some eating establishments are hesitant. Restaurants are complicated beasts. You have to order food and supplies. You have to make sure you’ve prepped the kitchen and service areas to be easily disinfected, OpenTable CEO Steve Hafner, via ‘Bloomberg.’

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