10 (Sarcastic) Reasons to Not Go for a Run
It’s New Year’s resolution season, which means a lot of people may be contemplating taking up running to shave off some pounds. Not so fast, writes The New Yorker, which came up with the following (sarcastic) reasons for not going for a run:
  1. It’s too late at night. I could go for a run, but I worked hard today, so never mind.
  2. I recently read that you should eat breakfast before you work out. Your body needs fuel. I really want to go for a run, but my run will actually be better if I eat a full English breakfast beforehand.
  3. Wow, I just finished an incredible plate of eggs and beans. The time is right for a run, but running with a full stomach can lead to indigestion, so I’ll need to wait several weeks.
  4. My phone says that it might rain in 10 hours.
  5. It’s windy.
  6. It’s so cold.
  7. It’s so hot.
  8. I’m supposed to meet a friend in six hours. If I go for a run, I might enjoy it so much that I end up running for the full six hours.
  9. I already took a shower today.

For the record, I woke up and ran 3 miles today on the treadmill…in an empty gym.  What happened to “new year, new you?”  If I can do it, trust me, so can you!  No excuses…let’s reach our 2020 goals!

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