Happy Memories Can Help You Fall Asleep

When it comes to sleep, do you struggle, well just know you are not alone, I recently read a story in the Wall Street Journal about Savouring, yes it’s where you grab happy memories from your past or favorite things like vacations or vacation spots such as the beach or in the woods camping next to a lake?

But instead of just thinking about it, you have to close your eyes and imagine yourself back there, it reduces activity in your sympathetic nervous system to help you de-stress.  And it ups the activity in your parasympathetic nervous system, which keeps you calm.

Try it it works here are three useful tips for you:  (1) think of your happy memory before bedtime, (2)  have patience it might take time to work at first.  And (3) if you tend to lie in bed worrying about work stuff, family crises, or paying the bills try worrying earlier in the evening.  It’ll make you less inclined to worry at night and let your mind and brain take you to your happy place.


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