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19 Tweets About What People Are Gonna Do Once Quarantine Ends

While self-isolation continues on in most places across the U.S., Twitter users are already dreaming about the day that the quarantine ends. In fact, Buzzfeed put together this list of 19 funny tweets from people explaining exactly what they plan to do on that glorious day. Here are 10 of the funnier tweets (you can see the rest HERE):

  1. “(18 months from now). ME (weeping): it’s so beautiful. CASHIER: ma’am this is a Wendy’s. ME (weeping harder): I KNOW”
  2. “When this thing is all over I’m going into town and greeting every single person like Belle does in that song about the townspeople”
  3. “when quarantine is over, please invite me everywhere”
  4. “if quarantine is over in the fall instead of the summer… halloween is gonna be soooo slutty… like you’ve never seen before…”
  5. “please stay inside so i can drink $16 drinks on a rooftop this summer. okay don’t be f**king selfish”
  6. “When this is over please invite me everywhere. I promise I’ll go this time”
  7. “when quarantine is over i’m gonna have premarital sex”
  8. “You know that part when the drums kick in at 3:41 in Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”? That’s what it’s gonna feel like when quarantine is over”
  9. “When quarantine is over don’t ask me if i’m free just say when and where”
  10. “When I get my first purchased coffee after quarantine is over”

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