File this under NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!  The only thing scarier than a rattlesnake, in my opinion, is one with two heads.  And a four-eyed, two-headed rattler was indeed found in New Jersey on August 25, according to

Two employees of the Herpetological Associates of Burlington were investigating nests in the Pine Barrens when they came across the rare rattlesnake. The CEO of Herpetological Associates, Bob Zappalorti, says, “It probably wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild” because its heads could get snagged as it crawls.

The snake has two functioning brains and the heads operate independently of each other. While not common, it’s not the first time that a snake like this has existed. Herpetological Associates is an environmental consulting company that deals with endangered species, so the snake will remain in their care so that it has a greater chance of survival.

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