I have a few of these as my NY resolutions, maybe these can help you as well and if losing weight isn’t a resolution one is looking for, here are 20 other ideas here that are a whole lot better.

Take up meditation

People talk about meditation a lot, but it’s not just a trend. It’s a great way to slow down and practice mindfulness, maybe to get past anxiety, practice greatfulness or simply set intentions. It’s a small action to commit to for emotional strength in the new year.

Rest when it’s needed

Our culture tells us that quitting is bad and working is an identity and tied to our worth, but that’s not true. Putting ourselves first in the new year could look like honoring our bodies and resting when we need it to be recharged for the people and things that need us.

Try a new dish or order from a new restaurant

New year’s goals don’t have to be completely hard. They can be something fun. Or, they can be something that just expands a person’s worldview, or in this case, pallet. Commit to ordering or trying to cook a new dish and see if the family likes it.

Journal a few times a week

Journaling has long been a way to express oneself and to heal emotionally. It can clear thoughts and release tension. If journaling is of interest, setting aside time to journal consistently in the new year makes for a great resolution.

Set a savings goal

Coronavirus has rocked thousands of Americans both emotionally but also financially. The new year is a great start to learning how to budget and sticking to it.Or to set a savings goal for a fun family trip when it’s safe to travel again.

Pick up a new hobby

Quarantine had a lot of people finding new hobbies, but if the stress was too great to be one of them (it was a scary time!) we get it. The new year could be the year to learn a new skill or pick up a fun hobby to feel independent and stimulated.

Read a book a month

With all of the amazing books that keep coming out, and now-virtual book clubs that are being formed these days, reading has never been more fun, or social. Set up a goal to read a book a month. Pick a different genre each time or get a friend or family member to read, too. There’s also a Book of the Month subscription service that’ll make things easier.

Start therapy

We all go through hard times in life at one point or another. Most of us found this year to be particularly hard. Some people have therapists, while others are more resistant. Make 2021 the year to start talking to someone.

Find time to dance once a week

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dread. Dancing gets the heart rate up and the endorphins pumping. Plus, it’s fun and can be done anywhere—just crank up the music and grab the kids and bust out some moves. Set aside dance time to keep it up throughout the year.

Adopt an animal in need

Pet adoptions, dog adoptions in particular, have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. If 2020 was the year of contemplation, make 2021 the year it happens. Animals around the country are always on the hunt for their forever homes.

Volunteer more often

Being a good person isn’t just about being nice to people. Helping others through giving time and help by way of volunteer is a great way to start the new year or set as a year-long goal in 2021 to get outside oneself.

Plan family movie nights and stick to them

Most years but this year for families are crazy busy. There are activities to get to, school work to get done, dinner to cook and parties to attend. With all of that slowed down because of the pandemic, there’s more time to spend with the kids. Make sure it happens consistently with a weekly family movie night.

Drink more water

OK, this New Year’s resolution is pretty cliche but it’s still something super important and healthy to do so we’re including it. Water is great for the body, teeth and skin and can replace vices like alcohol and sugary sodas.

Switch to more sustainable products

Climate change is a result of pollution and other reckless behavior by humans (much of which through companies and governments) but that doesn’t mean people can’t help be more environmentally friendly on an individual level. There are tons of sustainable products out there like reusable shopping bags, which can be switched in instead of plastic ones in the new year.

Amp up the virtual learning or WFH space

Yes, we’re nine months into this pandemic, and while many people have adapted to the work from home life it might have gotten cluttered or doesn’t feel as comfortable as it should. Take the new year to really make the WFH space feel as comfy as possible. Even if kids run in every so often.

Unfollow toxic social accounts that don’t induce happiness

Social media has been incredible for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends during this time. But even before the pandemic, it has also been a source of anxiety with so many people comparing themselves to others and feeling bad about their lives or bodies because of it. Make 2021 the year to purge the toxic accounts.

Buy amazing clothes (and not in a different size)

With the whole “lose weight” resolution, some people fall into the trap of finding unique ways to motivate themselves to an arbitrary goal, size, or weight they set. Ditch the numbers and if shopping is happening

Declutter a space

Another cliche resolution, but with everyone spending a lot more time at home than usual, it makes for a great time to clear out space (and maybe donate things that aren’t needed). Pick one room or a few and feel super good when it’s clean and organized.

Speak up in meetings

Speaking up in meetings (and even in life) is goal is a bit more abstract. It’s not an action with obvious results, but speaking up and getting ideas heard is a great resolution to have and work toward next year.

Feel at peace with just getting through each day

No, this isn’t a mistake. Resolutions are amazing if one wants to have them. But this year was hard. Sometimes life will be hard and getting through each day and working to create stability is a win in and of itself and we’ll take it.

in the new year, challenge oneself to get clothes that fit now, not later.


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