Every day when I Wake up, I stretch,  jump in the shower and count my blessing and think to myself what is today going to be like, how can I make this a better day for someone else and what can I do to help. Well if you’re like me and want to help!  Here is your chance to help the kids at the CCA. More than 35,000 kids and young adults facing cancer or other serious illnesses and all they want is to feel better listen to music, start A friendship and enjoy life to the fullest

Well, now you can help the kids and possibly win a new car just by purchasing a raffle ticket to the Joy Drive Car Raffle, donated by Dick Hannah Dealerships. The car raffle is currently open and the winning ticket will be drawn on February 14 (Valentine’s Day).  Your Joy Drive raffle ticket could put you in the driver’s seat of one of eight 2019 cars donated by our generous friends at Dick Hannah Dealerships!

Nissan Versa SV SE | Kia Soul (Base) | Jeep Renegade Sport | Honda Fit LX | Subaru Impreza 2.0i | Toyota Corolla L | Hyundai Elantra SE | VW Jetta 1.4T S

$25 per ticket | Limited to 7,500 tickets

To purchase raffle tickets go to JoyRx.org/Raffle 

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