4WD Will Make You Over-Confident

For years, I drove small cars, and never had much experience with driving around in 4WD.  Recently, I upgraded to my first 4WD vehicle (a Chevy Tahoe), and I gotta say…  I get it now.  I understand how having 4WD can make you think you can do things you can’t do.

I don’t even think it’s that much to do with the performance of the vehicle.  It was very-much mental for me; I just felt different driving around in 4WD the last couple days in the snow.  I felt totally stable.  Like the ice couldn’t get me, because all of my wheels are on the same page.  How could I crash if there’s no resistance from any part of my vehicle?!?  Man & Machine working in total harmony to conquer the elements; what could go wrong?!?  How can Mother Nature think she has anything on me?!?

Because that’s not how it works, dummy.

Ice is ice.  It’s slick.  The fact that you have four wheels pushing instead of two doesn’t change that fact.  But in my head, I was battling with the logic.  “I changed lanes just fine; I’m driving the ultimate snow vehicle!”

I can absolutely see how somebody with 4WD would driving a little more reckless thinking they have an advantage.  I mean…  they do have an advantage.  It’s just not as much as that little indicator light makes you think you have.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull


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