Summer can be a wonderful time for kids: no school, no homework, lax rules — they’re living the dream. Then August hits and so does the realization that school is starting soon. If your kids are like mine they are already complaining and dreading it, and as a parent, I’m excited for the new school year Tanner is going to be a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL WHOA.  So how can you help your kids get ready for the first day of school?   Well for us its all about getting back to a regular routine, so they’re ready when the bell rings. here are some tips that we have started to help and hopefully these can help you as well before school starts.

1. Sleep for success

One of the biggest adjustments between summer and the start of the school year is probably the time your kid wakes up and goes to sleep at night. Instead of letting them stay on their summer schedule until the night before class starts, get that routine going now.

2. Cut down on screen time

Though your kids may be glued to their phones, tablets or the TV now, things will be different once they get to school. So your best bet is to wean them off of screens and media now. , and a rule that there is no TV or internet electronics allowed at the dinner table or in the bedroom.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

Grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal in the morning is easy, sure, but it’s not the best option for your kids — especially during the school year. “Things like oatmeal topped with fruit, frittata packed with some vegetables and cheese — these foods can be easily put together in five minutes,”

4. Work on their posture

Even though summer may mean being able to be slumped on the couch for hours at a time, the same isn’t true for the school year. physical therapist, recommends that parents get their kids in the habit of implementing proper ergonomics — like sitting straight, standing straight and knowing how to go up and down stairs properly — before they get into the classroom.

5. Create a supportive emotional environment

The first-day jitters are always an issue, Kids have anxiety and going back to school can be extremely stressful especially if its a new school.  Prep them, talk to them assure them everything is going to be great and new friends are coming at ya so be ready for new friendships stay positive,  make sure your child knows they are supported emotionally not just from mom & dad but from brothers and sisters as well.

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