5% of People Have Only Kissed One Person- WAIT WHAT

Ok Thinking back to your school days , teen years and for some College days?  A new poll asked how many people you’ve kissed . . . in a romantic way . . . throughout your life.   And the most common response was five to 10.  20% of people said that, and it was the same percentage for men and women.

27% of people picked options that are LESS than five, with 3% saying they haven’t kissed anyone yet.  30% said MORE than 10, with 12% claiming it’s “26 or more.”  Men were more likely to say “26 or more.”

12% of people say they have no idea how many people they’ve kissed romantically, and another 10% said they “prefer not to say.”

I’m not saying anything, nor am I judging anyone, but I belive everyone deserves a kiss

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