Are you stressed out about overdue bills,  maybe a co-worker treating you like crap, or a new job, well your not alone, it seems to happen all the time, so how can you get a good night’s sleep if you’re super stressed about something? Some sleep experts suggest we try following these 6 steps to a better night sleep

  1. Get up and out of bed. You should only stay in bed if you’re about to sleep or know you’re about to fall asleep. You don’t want your brain to associate your bed with anything but the impulse to sleep, so if you’re suffering insomnia, get up, sit in a chair, or go to another room.
  2. Distract yourself. Try some reading by a low light, a cup of warm milk or a light snack (nothing too heavy, and nothing alcoholic, mind you), watching traffic go by outside your window—whatever works for you. The idea here is to distract yourself from the negative thoughts or feelings that come as a result of that momentary panic.
  3. Exercise during the day. Even a single moderate-intensity workout, like a brisk walk, can improve sleep among people with chronic insomnia.
  4. Write out a to-do list. If your anxiety is stemming from all the things you need to get done tomorrow or during the week, writing out a to-do list can help. This way, instead of allowing your brain to go over all the things you’re afraid you’re going to forget, write them down so your brain can relax and let you get some sleep.
  5. Try to relax, and stay relaxed. Some people do this through meditation, which is always a good idea, but if that’s not your style, just finding some way to consciously relax yourself is a good approach too.
  6. Resist the temptation to watch the clock. Watching the clock, especially when it’s dark and you’re alone and awake, can backfire spectacularly, and make you more stressed about the time that’s slipping away and the sleep you’re not getting.

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