Mental Floss has compiled this helpful list of tips that will make getting through the airport more quickly super easy. Here they are:

  1. Check your airport’s wait times. There are several apps that provide estimated checkpoint wait times based on crowdsourced data.
  2. Have your documents handy. Make sure your boarding pass, as well as your identification, is close at hand.
  3. Ditch your spare change. The fewer things you have to take out and place in plastic bins when you get up to the TSA scanner, the better.
  4. Streamline your luggage. If you’re not checking your bag, you can pack your carry-on in a way that makes it easy to access everything you’ll need to take out at screening.
  5. Use products made specifically for security checkpoints. Rather than try to remember what the “3-1-1” rule actually means, invest in a few products that are specifically tailored toward air travel.
  6. Embrace “fast” fashion. Choose clothing that’s not too bulky and doesn’t feature a million pockets or a ton of metal decoration.
  7. Keep an eye out for far away checkpoints. Make sure to examine the different checkpoint lines after you go through your ID and ticket check rather than blindly following the person in front of you.

    And if you fly a lot like I do, I highly recommend getting TSA PreCheck.  It’s about $80 for 5 years and helps you breeze through security!

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