Remember when you were a kid, your parents would tell you to write out a Christmas wish list for Santa, it was so easy then. Now as an adult  if you want something special for Christmas you can just pick it up yourself and tell yourself you deserve it.   This year 77% of people plan to buy THEMSELVES more Christmas presents this year as a reward for getting through it.  The average person will buy six gifts they plan to keep.

1.  43% said they don’t normally buy themselves a gift.  So it’s unique to 2020.

2.  The top things we’re gifting ourselves this year include a nice dinner . . . clothes . . . a vacation . . . booze . . . and a spa day.

3.  Two-thirds say the challenges of 2020 have also made them more determined to find the “perfect” gift for someone else.

4.  3 in 4 people are looking for presents that will lift people’s spirits.

5.  Just over half of us are buying gifts to use after the pandemic is over.

6.  And 60% are looking for gifts they can use with other people.

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