Before we took possession of our hot tub,  I use to love to take a long hot bath every now and then, pour in a scoop of Epsom salt and relax.  So stop where you are for a minute because a bath might be just as effective as exercise when it comes to your health. Dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University, says bathing may have similar benefits to exercising, including helping to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Faulkner and his team have investigated the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control and the number of calories burned. The study involved 14 people each enjoying an hour-long soak in a bath run at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as heading out on an hour-long bike ride. The two tests were designed to raise core body temperature by just 1 degree so the team could measure how many calories were burned in each session.

Though biking did burn more calories, they found that a hot bath used up as many calories as a 30-minute walk. So, put off that run tonight, take off everything and head upstairs.


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