Mom & Dad I want you to know you’re alone during this crazy time.  I have a teen at home struggling to wake up before 10:00am so I told him hey buddy you need to get cracking,  lots to do toady and keep studying so you don’t fall behind.  I found this online today which is cool on how Alexa can help our kids

technology is a boon for parenting. It can help manage a house and also help your kids with their homework. While you might not think that a smart speaker is a good homework companion, there are a few reasons to give Amazon’s Alexa a chance. The device is very convenient when tackling homework, especially if you are short on time. There is much more that your kids can do on Alexa instead of asking for quick answers to questions.

Math Computations

Amazon Alexa has the ability to help with math problems beyond the basic addition and subtraction, it can handle complex equations. You can just say, “Alexa, what is 1/7 times 2/8?” And it will give the right answer.

Learning A Foreign Language

Alexa understands English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese,  Alexa can help your child learn one of these five languages. T

Improve Vocabulary

When we were kids, we always had a dictionary on the desk. Not knowing a word’s meaning was not okay and most of us spent hours looking for the right meaning of a word. Alexa’s dictionary will save you a lot of time and efforts. Ask the meaning of any word and Alexa will give you an answer. Its dictionary and thesaurus will help any student navigate a novel or textbook with ease. It works best for students in elementary school trying to build a vocabulary. Alexa can also give a synonym or antonym for a word. If your kid is reading for an assignment and comes across a word they are not sure about, they can ask Alexa to define it. In addition to offering the meaning, Alexa will also help pronounce the word in the right manner. Alexa can teach everyone how much fun words can be.

Computer Science

Kids learn advanced computer languages like CSS and HTML in school. Several Alexa skills can hone your child’s computer science ability. Alexa has several quizzes and prompts that will help with computer science homework. Alexa can also provide in-depth knowledge about the subject.


Alexa can help you with a science project right from the scratch. Alexa has five science projects that are ranked in order of difficulty. You can simply ask, “What do I need to make slime?” And you will have an answer. If your kid is having trouble understanding a science practice and the way it is described in the book, have Alexa explain it. The skill Busy Hands has many projects that can walk you through and for general science interest, Science Kid Radio is an option worth exploring.

Quiz Time

Alexa is perfect at quizzes. If your kids are working to prepare for a test or brushing up on important facts in a class, Alexa can help out. There are many helpful quiz skills out there. Alexa has everything from Amazon Math to Computer Fundamentals, Science quiz and Kids Quiz.

Alexa can make learning a lot easier and fun. Many parents think that asking Alexa for answers is not appropriate but your kids can also learn a lot through the process. Whether it is learning a new language or working on a science project,


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