Ok, Fella’s Listen up!  This is important,  look down do you have a beer gut going on? then we need to have a look at that Belly Fat & Big Thighs because it may be related to prostate cancer. As you know I HATE the word CANCER, It took my parents from me and I want to make sure my brothers are ok.

Ok so a little extra weight might not bother us very much, but it could be a marker of serious health problems, Nearly 2,000 men in Iceland participated in the study over a period of 13 years and the study published in the Cancer medical journal suggests the higher a man’s body mass index, or BMI, the more they could be at risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

So  just to be on the safe side make an appointment to see your doctor and get a check-up, it’s better to be safe than sorry fella’s


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