In April Kimmy And I had the chance to fly to the Bahamas for a friends wedding, He asked me to DJ it and Of Course I sad yes..DUH, on the way there we did have internet on our flights and that was great, Nowadays the idea of traveling or going on vacation without the ability to jump online at any moment is enough to keep many Americans at home.

A new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults,  shows nearly half of those surveyed (49%) said they consider having no access to the internet a vacation “disaster.” The only other potential travel issue that more respondents listed as a vacation killer were lost luggage (54%) Yeah that would suck.  Here is  the official list that would and could ruin a vacation from OnePoll

1. Lost luggage (54%)
2. No internet access (49%)
3. Food poisoning (47%)
4. Consistent bad weather (47%)
5. Lost credit card (44%)
6. Bad/unsafe location (43%)
7. Lost passport/ID (40%)
8. Got sick (sore throat, etc.) (40%)
9. Air conditioner breakage (38%)
10. Plumbing breakage (38%)
11. Lost reservations (33%)
12. Missed/delayed flight (33%)
13. Terrible traffic (33%)

Could You Deal with No Internet while on Vacation

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