Look at your mobile device and how many apps do you have currently, me 30+ and they’re sucking up my battery life and sharing info that does not need to be shared with who knows who.  I just read in Men’s Health that they have put together a list of apps that they recommend you delete from your phone – either to preserve your mental health, protect against privacy invasion, and more.  Facebook and TikTok made the list, but other apps include:

Gas Buddy – Sure, it’s great to know where you can find the cheapest gallon of gas on a road trip, but the app changed its privacy policy and collects tons of data on you, including info on your driving habits.

Angry Birds – Whistleblower Edward Snowden tried warning us about the mobile game after it launched in 2009, revealing Angry Birds siphons loads of data, like your call logs, political affiliations, and even sexual orientation that could be accessed by the National Security Agency.  The game’s developers say Angry Birds is no longer collecting data, but they didn’t exactly tell us they were ever collecting it to begin with.

Apps that claim to increase RAM – Don’t get ripped off by these apps that claim to “speed up your phone.” All they’re doing is clearing your cache files, something your phone already does.

The YouVersion Bible – This popular app collects your location, call logs, and more and likely doesn’t keep it between you and the almighty.

To see the full list of apps you should delete, swing by MensHealth.com.

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