Are Starbucks Gift Cards The Most Generic Gift?

The gift of coffee is generally is a universally accepted this. If you ran some errands for a neighbor, helped out with an event, or if you’re a mama with kiddos who just needs a break… COFFEE. Right? And since Starbucks is basically the Amazon of the coffee world and the fact that they are everywhere we usually just opt for a gift card from there.

I would guess that if I polled 100 people about 90 of those people would be cool with a Starbucks gift card. There will be the two or three who refuse to admit Starbucks’ existence and then you’ve got the oddballs (like me) who don’t drink coffee (these people have yet to find the other amazing things on the Starbucks menu) and then there’s Jake. Yes, Jake Byron. He doesn’t drink coffee and he doesn’t go to Starbucks. HE IS A UNICORN. I say all this because Jake helped out at an event and they gave him a Starbucks gift card as a thank you. It’s perfect right? You can’t go wrong… Unless you’re gifting this to Jake. hahaha

I came into the studio this morning and Jake hands me his gift card (score!). Like I said, he won’t use it. So, are coffee gift cards too generic?




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