If you or someone you know sweats a lot and always finds it to be damper and embarrassing. The team at Lifehacker offers reasons why you might be sweating “like a pig” and how to tackle it.

I’ll admit I do when Im doing the DIY project around the house, sometimes I ask myself man what is up why Amd I sweating

Why are you sweating so much? 
  • Exercise. Moving your body a lot will naturally produce more sweat to cool your body down.
  • Strong emotions. If you’re overly excited or terrified, your sweat glands could kick in. When you’re nervous, for instance, your heart rate will climb and your body’s sequence could result in sweating more than usual.
  • Hyperhidrosis. An extreme minority of the population has this medical condition which causes excessive and regular sweating.
How to Prevent Excessive Sweat 
  • Use a deodorant or an antiperspirant. Deodorants can attack the bacteria that make you smell bad, while antiperspirants temporarily help stop sweat from seeping through skin.
  • Reduce caffeineCaffeine could have central nervous system-affecting agents, which could, in turn, raise your heart rate and make you sweat.
How to Avoid Noticeable Sweat Stains 
  • Wear shirts with larger armholes.
  • Wear darker shirts.
  • Use sweat shields

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