As a child growing up, I was always allergic to my Aunts Kitty’s, I loved them but could never play or pet them do to my asthma and allergies,  and if you suffer from the same thing, it now might be a thing of the past, here’s some promising news for anyone who has had strife in their lives due to a cat allergy.

Researchers at the University Hospital in Zurich are working on a vaccine that could block what’s known as the “major cat allergen” in felines, making them less likely to set off triggers in humans. Publishing the results in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, scientists say the HyopCat injection has been “tolerated well” in their test subject

Now you might ask yourself, I wonder how many people are allergic to cats?  Well, Dr’s said that about 10 percent of the Western world is allergic to cats. so you’re not alone


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