Do you find yourself a little on edge, tense and stressed out, well just now that you are not alone? A recent survey from LinkedIn says that approximately 54 percent of Gen Xers indicated that they were stressed at work, followed by Baby Boomers (48 percent), then millennials (46 percent).

Given how much has been written about Millennials lately, they say it stems from their relationship with social media, difficulty finding jobs in their fields, and struggle to be able to afford to buy a house — it’s surprising to see them at the bottom of the list.

But according to the survey — which gathered responses from 2,843 English-speaking professionals on LinkedIn — that has something to do with their relationship and familiarity with technology.

In addition to the survey data, experts from LinkedIn Learning also provided some steps anyone at any level can take to help manage stress starting today. Here are three:

1. Learn to say no

Because a heavy workload is a major cause of stress for so many people, a good first step would be to learn how to say no — both in and out of work.

2. Know that it’s ok to still be figuring things out

Regardless of a person’s experience or generation, chances are they’re still figuring things out, or at the very least, reflecting on their purpose. T

3. Navigate workplace politics authentically

Workplace politics also turned up on the LinkedIn survey as a source of stress, but fortunately, they don’t have to be. Going into a job understanding that to a certain extent, politics are always a reality, can be helpful as you get adjusted to a new role.

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