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Being a woman…

Who is in that picture? Some of the most important women in my life… My Mom, my MIL and my Aunt. They are part of the village of people that make it so my life runs smoothly (mostly lol) and so I get to chase my dreams, raise babies and do all that life offers us. Not pictured are their Mothers who shaped them and me. What a blessing of women in my life.

Now. Guess what?

I’m thankful.

I believe to my core that God creates each individual and has a purpose for their life. God chose to make me a woman so I am going to celebrate loudly because I’m honored I’ve been chosen.

I have a hard time each year with this day.  Not because I don’t like being a woman or celebrating other women rather it’s the idea that we have a special day where everyone puts in a lot of effort to celebrate but then the conversation ends or the celebration and remembrance of great woman fades until next year.

Don’t mistake my remakes as pessimistic. It actually makes me sad. I’m sad that women don’t shine or haven’t shown bright enough in the past that we have to have a special day to ‘make it up.’ I hope that makes sense…

Now, with that said. It is a thing and so, why not celebrate, right? There’s been amazing women throughout history that I believe contribute to society in a way that men never can. And that’s not bashing men – it’s holding up the uniqueness that women bring to the table.

On the Bull’s social media pages I have posted inventions by women that are an everyday thing but I bet no one would guess a woman came up with… Central heating, windshield wipers, the dishwasher… THANK GOODNESS for the women who came up with those, huh!?

Our gender is unique to men and I’m glad. I hope the next generation of women gets out there and uses their unique talents and gifts to change the world!

Do you have women in your life who need reminded how amazing they are? Go tell em! We all needed lifted – together ❤️



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