As an adult I have come to love a good glass of Whiskey, after all, there are so many flavors to sample Irish Whiskey, Scottish Whiskey….. There’s so much to love about whiskey.

Believe it or not, whiskey is actually healthy for you. There’s a ton of benefits. Here are 5 reasons that’ll make your head spin.

1. It makes you happy.

When you drink whiskey you become happy and forget about all your problems, mountains of student debt, and the person that ripped your heart out and crushed your soul.

2. Less stress.

If you drink whiskey, you tend to forget all about your stress and responsibilities and suddenly like the atmosphere you are in

3. It helps you catch up on sleep.

When you sip a good glass of whiskey before bed you end up sleeping in a deeper sleep

4. Boosts your immune system.

Feelin’ a little under the weather? Drink some whiskey and that cold runs away scared shitless.

5. Boost creativity.and become more ambitious

When you have the perfect amount of whiskey you start making plans on that bucket list, you set goals. You also actually attempt to conquer  things, after a few glasses you somehow get a little bolder and motivated

6. Most Important

Always keep in mind to drink responsibly and not do stupid things, so slow down and enjoy a fine glass of whiskey with your friends this weekend and see if this rings true



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