Let’s all admit that death is Enevidible, but do you want  to know when you’re going to die, NO WAY NOT ME

A new blood test could predict if you will die in the next decade with more than 80 percent accuracy, researchers claim.

The groundbreaking test, which can estimate a person’s risk of early death, was developed by a team in Germany. And they say it could be used to warn people they do not have long to live –

encouraging them to have a healthier lifestyle.   During the studies, scientists analyzed 14 factors that appear to affect the risk of death, including immunity, glucose control, inflammation and

circulating fat, Using the information collected during the trial, they were able to predict whether someone was going to die in the next two to 16 years – with 83 percent accuracy.

During the trial, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing analyzed the blood of thousands of adults, with ages ranging from 18 to 109 years old.

At first, they were tested on conventional factors of death, such as their BMI, blood pressure, smoking, etc and then academics used the biomarkers from the new blood test.

Participants were given a score ranging from -2 to 3 – the higher the number, the more likely a person was going to die sooner.

Follow-up tests over the next 2 to 16 years found that more than 5,512 of the participants had died.

The new test had predicted their risk of death with 83 percent accuracy – better than the 79 percent accuracy of current tests.

Currently, doctors can attempt to predict whether a patient is going to die in the next year, but predicting a patient’s risk over the next 10 years is much harder to predict.

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