Bobby Attempts To Kill Morgan in Show Assassin Game
@webgirlmorganwe’ve been playing assassin on the @Bobby Bones Show and now im carrying a water gun with me everywhere

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The Bobby Bones Show members are playing Assassin where they must shoot each other with water guns outside of work.

Bobby Bones has been tracking his target, Morgan, for weeks and learning her schedule. He was at the perfect place and almost had the perfect timing to get her yesterday, but was off by 30 seconds. He was sitting in his planned spot when he saw Morgan drive up in her jeep and pass him. He ducked to hide, but thought she still could have noticed his car. Bones was hoping she wasn’t paying attention, so he went along with his plan.

He had one of his interns send her a text message that said flowers were left for her by her boyfriend on the side of her house because of dogs barking. He was hoping she would come out of the door and look for the flowers, which she did, but she also had her water gun in hand. They had a stand off on her porch for a few minutes then Bones decided to just go for it. He ended up chasing her back into her house with his electric power water gun, but he never hit her.

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