Bobby Got Upgraded to First Class for Flight, When His Wife Didn’t


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Bobby Bones and his wife were going on vacation, but when they got to the airport for their first connecting flight from Detroit to Europe, they got a message that the flight had been canceled.

They got put on another flight at 7 p.m. in Minneapolis that then flew them overseas. When they got there, they didn’t have assigned seats yet, but when they got their tickets, Bones got upgraded to a first-class seat while his wife had a normal coach seat in the back. He felt uncomfortable in the situation and asked what others on the show would’ve done:

  • Eddie – He thinks he’d keep his first-class ticket and tell his wife he’s never sat in first-class before so let him enjoy it.
  • Lunchbox – He would’ve told his wife that’s show business baby and he’d bring her a drink.

In the end, Bones gave his wife the first-class seat and he sat in coach. He was uncomfortable the whole time but he did it so he could cash it in and get a favor from her later.

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