Bridger Bo Is The Loudest Baby At Night, I Swear

I have been beyond blessed with a baby that has been easy since day one.

He’s calm, smiley, so cuddly and sweet. He’s not a fussy baby. He rarely cries unless he’s getting sleepy or really hungry and he loves to go for car rides, walks in the stroller and laughing at everything. EASY baby, y’all. Plus, only about two months into his little life he started sleeping through the night – like 10 hours! HALLELUJAH! And now (at almost seven months old) he is sleeping about 12 hours a night. BUT…. but…. this last couple of weeks he’s been doing some weird things while he’s sleeping. We put him down around 7:30pm and about 8:30pm he starts making crying noises and other noises and then he calms down. And then about 30 minutes later he starts making a ton of cooing noises and moving around.

Sometimes we have to get up and console him but sometimes he soothes himself and he’s fine. So my big question is – Do babies have dreams?

Is Bridger dreaming or is he just in and out of sleep while falling more deeply asleep? NEED HELP HERE!




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