What is your dream vacation spot, The Bahamas, Hawaii, London,  Tokoyo  well  If the idea of traveling the world on someone else’s dime while getting paid to meet new people wherever you are sounds appealing, you may want to throw your hat in the ring to become Bumble’s new “Global Connector Bee.” This adventure which is paid will involve a 12-month stint spent traveling to various parts of the world to “go on dates, make friends, and create professional connections” with other Bumble users.

You’ll be documenting your experience for Bumble’s various social media channels, conducting “research,” and occasionally creating editorial content for the company. Essentially, you’d become Bumble’s global emissary. ”Your travels will take you to places around the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia (all expenses covered, of course). And while it’ll be exciting to hop from area to area, don’t expect it to be an all-out vacation. You’ll be expected to produce quite a bit of content while exploring and meeting new folks, as well as providing product feedback.

It’s a real-deal job, and you’ll be getting paid (compensation will be based on experience).  If you’re interested, the position is open to anyone older than 18 in the aforementioned countries. To apply, you’ll need to swipe in the Bumble app until you see a card about the job pop up, then swipe right on it (it’ll be live through the application deadline of June 14).

So If your single and want to explore literally get on it

~ Danny

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