Everyone seems to be on the same page when it comes to dog waste. PICK IT UP! This is still an issue at my apartment complex though and watching the battles unfold are hilarious. There is one apartment on the bottom floor that is notorious for not picking up after their dog. I, along with some other community members, have picked it up for them and left the doggie bag next to their front door. Power to the passive aggressive!

On another personal note, I hate when people leave a poopie bag next to dog poop. Yes there was someone who didn’t pick up after their dog, but putting a bag next to it doesn’t encourage anyone to pick it up and this just creates more trash. May I also note that I’ve lost the whereabouts of dog poo before. Little Winston decided he was going for a round 2 after he already did his business and I wasn’t ready. I went back to get another bag but upon returning couldn’t find his waste. Oooooops!


Luckily there are plenty of dog waste stations at my complex but when I’m beyond my area, there aren’t too many options for poo disposal. What do I do when my dog does his business? Well I pick it up and put it in the nearest trashcan. I just found out that some people are not too keen on this idea. I didn’t realize that this was an issue. I always assumed it was okay to use the closest can.

So I ask this, if I’m in your neighborhood is it rude for me to use your trashcan for dog waste?

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