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Special Guest: Lucinda Kay – FM News 101 KXL

Jenn’s guest today has lived around the globe. She’s hustled hard to get to where she’s at and wants to share all of the best advice she has to help YOU get where you want and live your best life!

You Can’t Do Everything and That’s Okay

On this weeks episode of The Ladies Room Jenn covers a hard truth – you can’t do everything. But there’s reassurance in that a few practical ways to still achieve what you need and also be a lot less stressed!

Brooke Diaz of Big Machine Records

Ever wonder how music get played on the radio or how you hear about new artists? Today’s guest on The Ladies Room is a mover and shaker in one of the coolest industries out there. Plus, she’s a total girl boss and has some advice for all the ladies out there working hard for what they’re passionate about!