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Cats Can Spread Coronavirus

Cats Can Spread Coronavirus Among Each Other, Study Reveals. The analysis was done by scientists from the University of Wisconsin and headed by virus expert Yoshihiro Kawaoka. Researchers infected three cats with coronavirus and then housed them with healthy ones. Over a few days, the healthy cats came down with the virus as well. None of the felines showed any harmful symptoms, including high fevers. The team also found that just three days after being infected, the cats no longer had the coronavirus. According to experts, there is no proof that COVID-19’s spread has been assisted by cats.


The study’s researchers say more information is needed to see how cats can contract and transmit the virus. Late last month, two felines in New York were identified to be carrying the coronavirus. According to CNN Health, both only had mild cases and should recover. At NYC’s Bronx Zoo, eight lions and tigers were also diagnosed with COVID-19. As of late April, the zoo says that the animals were eating and behaving normally. Guidelines from the CDC say that house cats should be kept indoors as much as possible

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