In honor of Earth Day, we want to share with you 5 easy things you can do to help the environment and it might even save you a little money too!

1. Transportation

Before you travel anywhere, think about alternative options.  Walk, bicycle or take public transportation.  Reduce the CO2 footprint and maybe get some free exercise. Spend the next holiday discovering your surroundings and cut down on travel by plane.

2. Electricity

Might be a good time to switch to LED lightbulbs at home.  Then connect to a smart hub that automatically adjusts lights based on who’s home, time of day and needs. Purchase energy efficient appliances at slightly higher cost will save a lot of money long term.

3. Plastic

Don’t just recycle. Take action to refuse, reduce and reuse.  Say no to straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles (see #4), packaging and other plastics.

4. Water

Rather than plastic water bottles, try to drink tap water or get a biodegradable water filter such for fresh clean water. Also, practice water conservation.  Install a water saving shower device. Take shorter showers, don’t leave water running while brushing teeth and don’t use the toilet as a waste basket. Water the garden and plants early morning or late at night.

5. Food

About half of all food is thrown away in the USA. Practice portion control by only purchasing food that you’ll eat.  Buy local produce, seasonal when possible and products with less packaging. Cut down on meat consumption to once per week (or less).

There’s a few easy ways to help Mother Earth thrive for years to come!

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