Change Is Terrifying

Have you ever been faced with something you knew you had to change?  You can feel everything in your world slowly sliding away from peace, and if left unchecked, you know the slide would continue… because it has been for years.  You get to a point where it’s affecting your every minute.  Change is needed…

…but change is scary.

We’re all victims of our routines.  “Choose your ruts carefully; you’ll be in them a long time.”  That’s a quote that my Grandpa was fond of, and it’s resonating through my blood to me now.  Our ruts oftentimes give us solace.  There’s a certain comfort to knowing that the alarm is going to go off at 3:45, and your day is going to start the same way it does every day.  Shower, get dressed, head to work, start the computer, put in the password, check the e-mail, etc.  It’s predictable, and it rarely changes, which has a certain ease to it.  We all have enough difficulty without adding in chaos into the mix.  So we seek routine.  It’s human.

However…  routine can sometimes become its own stress.  I happen to believe this is a common trait of mid-life.  Men or women, whatever…  it presents different for everybody.  You spend half your life chasing a target life, and mid-life is often the time when it manifests.  The problem with that is…  it may not be what you thought it would be.  Or it may be exactly what you thought it would be, but it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you thought it would.  So now you’ve got to change, but decades of goal-oriented behavior doesn’t change overnight, and more importantly, doesn’t happen without internal resistance.

Change is terrifying.  Change, by its nature, involves breaking from the routine, and because of lack of experience, is so much harder to predict.  Sure…  you hear a million anecdotes of change being the “best thing that ever happened.”  Because those stories are told.  Those stories are uplifting and full of hope, and those stories are interesting.  But for every one of those stories…  there are stories that are less passed-around.  Stories that involve change… that ended in despair.  Happens all the time.  You don’t hear those stories, because who would want to?  But they happen.  People are victims of change, and people are perpetrators of change, and both can end badly.

Do I want to change?  Yup.  Am I scared of it?  Yup.  But the time is coming.  I won’t be able to avoid it much longer.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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