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Children’s Potty Training Books Are A ‘No’ For Jenn

Before you knock me based on the title of my blog… Hear me out.

I will do ANYTHING for my son. Literally, anything. But there is one thing that I won’t do – read kids potty books to him.

Perhaps I have happened across the wrong books and there are cuter ones out there but the couple that I picked up at the local book store made me hit my ‘parenting ceiling’ if you will. The title of the book? ‘Everybody poops.’ Okay, yes… This is true. First page: Daddy poops, Mommy poops, EVERYBODY poops.

And I closed the book and kindly placed it back on the shelf.

I’m absolutely not embarrassed to talk about poop with my kid. In fact – He announces daily WHEN he’s pooping or needing to and then we encourage him to go sit on the potty. (He’s not a big fan yet).

That is more realistic and normal to me than to sit and read him a book about how everyone poops. I just can’t. I feel like it sounds dumb, I sound dumb and he just hears me reading about poop.

Am I a crazy person here? This is just my personal take on it but reading my kid poop books are off the table. We can figure out how to do this in a different way.



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