Clean Those Sidewalks

Portland, Ore – Don’t forget to clean off those sidewalks in Portland. Read more from PBOT:

Sidewalks, driveways, and overhead hazards

By City Code, private property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks and driveways, including the removal of snow, ice, slippery leaves, and other debris. This work is vital for everyone who relies on public transit in winter weather, as well as for seniors and people with disabilities.

As soon as possible after a snow or ice storm, clear your sidewalks and driveways across pedestrian paths by maintaining a path 3-feet wide for people to safely travel.

Property owners must also warn the public of any danger of falling snow or ice from their buildings. Please plan to post a warning sign or sandwich board as you work to eliminate the hazard.

Go to our Safety Tips for ways you can be sure to get home safe in winter weather.

Photos courtesy of KXL’s Jacob Dean



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