When Someone says you look like million bucks, how does it make you feel?. When your boss throws you a compliment on a job well done how do you feel? Pretty Good Right

Compliments make us feel good — both giving and receiving them. Feeling valued and appreciated are basic human needs. Appreciation is also foundational in relationships, both those with our partners and spouses and with our friends,  Compliments help us communicate that appreciation we feel toward one another. Compliments also help us like one another Paying someone a compliment can also be a good conversation starter if you’re the shy type.

Here are some key tips to giving compliments and what you should know before giving some out, because  Not all compliments land the same.

1. Compliments should be sincere

Everybody has different and unique qualities that deserve complimenting, so pay attention and recognize them.

2. Pay attention

The key to giving compliments (and being good at giving compliments) is paying attention to the people around you and paying attention to the details. “Notice what you like or appreciate about the person,” Berger says.

3. Be specific

The best compliments are specific. They refer to character traits, behaviors, or appearance, compliments apply to a lot of people. Calling out something specific shows the other person you’re interested in and paying attention.

4. When it comes to giving compliments, make it rain

Ideally, we’re giving and receiving compliments every day in our close relationships,  So making a concerted effort to notice all the good things about your partner (or family member or friend) is important. If you get in the habit of giving compliments frequently, you’ll get in the habit of noticing what’s going well frequently, And that goes a long way with your spouse

5. Receive compliments with grace

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable receiving compliments because they were taught (or might think) that accepting them equates to bragging. Compliments are about communicating with those around you what you appreciate and what’s working. Learning how to graciously accept compliments is just as important as learning how to give them, Berger says. After all, denying a compliment is another way of telling someone that they’re wrong or that their opinion or perspective

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