Could what you wear to the polls complicate voting?

We are just days away from the elections and a lot is on the line in our states and country, so get out and VOTE, Let your voice be heard it’s time for change. Do your homework, study the candidates, and new bills, and remember what was said stand up and make it count.

Also, keep in mind to avoid a wasted trip to the polls during the election, you should be aware that 21 states rules banning election apparel several feet from polling stations.

The apparel banned varies by state but includes buttons, hats, shirts, stickers and other articles of clothing relating to a candidate or political party.
The distance on apparel bans varies by state. For example, in California, the apparel faces a 100-foot ban from the polls, while in Iowa it’s 300 feet.
Check your local voting guidelines before you hit up your polls by visiting the National Conference of State Legislatures website at
Do Your Part and Let’s make history

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