Crap, Lent Is Tomorrow

I’m not Catholic, but I almost always do Lent.  I’ve always thought it was a nice exercise in discipline.  Just see if you can do without something…  but these days, I kinda feel like I’m using all my effort just to get through it, y’know?  I’m not sure if denying myself a little pleasure is a good move!

I’ve done sugar in the past.  That was a great exercise, and it proved to me what I always expected…  that I can live without it.  I think it’s one of the main culprits of our generally unhealthy society.  But these days?  I find I want a little something sweet, y’know?  So sugar is out.

I’ve done meat in the past.  That was a hell of a journey.  I ate me a s***-ton of veggies during that 40 days.  But I genuinely am obsessed with hamburgers right now, and I don’t think I can do without it.  So meat is out.

I’ve done *ahem* private adult time in the past.  That was miserable.  Never doing that again.

I’ve done soda in the past.  That was rough, because I am very addicted to bubbly drinks!  It’s not even the caffeine or anything like that.  I just want the bubbles.  I like the harsh feeling it gives me!  And it’s my main source of hydration!  So that’s out.

What the hell am I– (heck?  Probably heck with this topic.  LOL)  What the heck am I gonna do this year?

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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